The Name Game

Now that the Washington Redskins no longer offend certain sensitive ears, we hear that other teams are going along with the PC crowd and also changing their nicknames.
The Kansas City Chiefs are now called the Kansas City Important People.
The Atlanta Braves have become the Atlanta Not Afraid Of Anything.
The Cleveland Indians are called the Cleveland Native Americans.
The Carolina Panthers have become The Carolina Very Large Cats.
The New York Yankees are the New York Northern Folks.
The New Orleans Saints name has been changed to the New Orleans Perfect People.
The Los Angeles Angels are the Los Angeles Other Perfect People.
The San Diego Padres are now the San Diego Friends.
The Oakland Raiders will be known as The Oakland Borrowers.
The Pittsburgh Pirates are the Pittsburgh Guys Who Wear Bandanas.
The San Diego Chargers are the San Diego We’ll Pay Cash.
The New York Giants are the New York Very Tall People.
The San Francisco Giants will be called the San Francisco West Coast Very Tall People.
The Cincinnati Reds are the Cincinnati No We Are Not Pinko Commies.
The Milwaukee Brewers are the Milwaukee Soft Drinks.
Is everybody happy now?

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